Sometimes I wish I could sleep for days. For..ever.  So that I...


Sometimes I wish I could sleep for days. For..ever.  So that I can figure things out. So that I can have a break. So that I can run away. God blesses me with life every time I wake up, so I take all my days to choose to be better. I’ve always cho... more

Elite Guitars


January is a cold month, and when we have a cold whether like now, all I want to do is to rest and be on bed. I want to drink a hot chocolate milk and read my favorite novel book, most likely romantic novels. If I wanted something bubbly, I will sing... more

Guitar Gig Bag at Musicians Friend


I bought a guitar when I was in high school. That was the first guitar I bought, which makes it more valuable for me. I honestly don’t use it as often as a I used it before. But I want to preserve it. As much as possible, I don’t want to... more

B.C. Rich Ass Guitar At Musicians Friend


If you know me personally, you should know I am not so into rock music or anything near to metal and punk. I am always on the soft side, mellow to be exact. I have been seeing this b.c. rich bass guitar at Musicians Friend for a couple of days now, a... more

Food For The Soul - Stewardship of the Body


Food fuels me with energy.Food uplifts me for a brighter mood.Food adds more color to my life. I don't know how food gives you that positive energy but for me, it keeps me enthusiastic and leaning on the side of positivity.I have to be honest, I love... more

Meet my Family


Meet my family! Here's my father, mother, and two brothers. I am a middle child and only girl among the siblings. :)Our latest family picture:2012 family picture:2013 Family Picture:Cheers to more family pictures in the future! ♥... more

Starting all over again


I remember waking up in the middle of the night to pee when my right foot accidentally hit the weighing scale on my way to the bathroom. Out of curiosity, I checked my weight…the scale says 173 lbs. I was not able to fall back to sleep that nig... more

A Sendoff for 2013


I remember writing in 2012 that I welcome 2013 with anticipation for all the things that it might bring.And it did bring things in little waves.For one, I seem to have abandoned this space, with posts less than half the number of entries last year. I... more

Resonator Guitar Strings


I have always wanted to learn how to play the guitar. Technically, I know how to, but I am not so good at it that I still feel I’m not in line to the list of people who know how. It just so happened that I gave resonator guitar strings to a fri... more

Catalog Prints


Do you need to print tons of catalog? We all know how expensive it is to have your catalog prints. One way of reducing the cost of all the printing services from the design, photograph and printing is to go to an online printing business and let it d... more

Cool Jody Jazz HR Mouthpiece Soprano at wwbw


Few more days and it’s New Year! I am pretty much excited about it knowing that I have so many plans to pursue this coming 2014. This will be an amazing year for me, I know. I wish there will cool jody jazz hr mouthpiece soprano at wwbw in use... more

How to Register For an Oracle Exam


Before you decide to register for the oracle exam program, of course you will need to know how to! This article will help you to cover what you need in order to successfully enroll onto their exam program. First up, you will need to make sure that yo... more

Days Long Gone


I miss the days when my blog was a wave of emotions spilling onto words like I’d die if I... more

Dinner at Seafood Island-Eastwood with Friends


Hello!Few days back, we planned to have dinner somewhere because it was Louie's birthday last 30th November. It was supposedly just Louie, Jane and myself. We didn't even have a place to go, but decided that Eastwood would be fine. I wanted them to c... more

It's Official!


I am typing this with an intense craving for a cupcake. So here's a picture of a cupcake---Yesterday, after taking on the recent high volume hiring for this offshore client, I've finally managed to take  my leave and get my license done! Woohoo,... more

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